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Securing the right talent for a high-touch service industry

Why SyncHR is Right For You

Whether it's a high-rise apartment or the headquarters of a growing business, property management companies employ a wide range of roles like cleaning, maintenance, leasing, and tax accounting.

Why SyncHR is Right For You

Effectively hiring for such wide range of roles can put even the most skilled Human Resources teams to the test. They're faced with a number of unique challenges like:

  • Frequent turnover and low retention
  • An aging workforce
  • A huge variety of skills and experience to recruit for
  • Mixed full-time and part-time staff
  • Complex and in depth training requirements
  • Differing wage structures that create payroll havoc

SyncHR simplifies essential HR activities for busy property management HR teams. Unlike standalone software and manual processes, SyncHR's integrated suite of tools enable seamless work across recruiting, training, benefits, and payroll teams. Streamline essential activities, reduce operating expenses, and create a culture of growth and sustainability that attracts and retains top talent.

Property management is more than just rent

Streamlined recruiting and onboarding management

Streamlined recruiting and onboarding management

Scale efficiently with improved recruiting tools. Quickly create, edit, or remove new positions with position-specific information from an extensive job descriptions library. Launch a targeted recruiting process with job postings on free and paid job boards and initiate background checks with a click of a button. Instantly send offers to qualified, vetted candidates and automatically send relevant onboarding docs once they accept.

Simplified payroll management software

Simplified payroll management software

SyncHR makes it easy to account for shift differentials, overtime, and time off (both paid and unpaid) for all employees and all your locations. Connect timekeeping, payroll, and accounting systems to ensure you're paying your employees exactly what they've earned and automatically adjust for local and state taxes for absolute accuracy and a complete, end-to-end automated payroll solution.

Enhanced training and development

Enhanced training and development

Property management professionals are committed to the industry. Keep your most productive and experienced employees around for the long run while developing the leaders of tomorrow with SyncHR's talent management solutions. Automatically enroll employees in required compliance and training programs, enable frequent goal setting and performance check-ins with their manager, and provide custom learning opportunities to fuel their career and personal growth.

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Many fast-growing companies have a hard time onboarding and re-hiring employees due to all of the up-front paperwork, manager approvals and compliance steps. Not to mention, setting up newly hired employees in 8-10+ different business systems across departments. Westchester Country Club does mass hiring and onboarding in the spring (often with re-hires), as well as mass offboarding in the fall. SyncHR makes mass hiring, re-hiring and onboarding a breeze.


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