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Why SyncHR for Healthcare?

No matter how big or small, organizations in the healthcare industry ranging from multi-hospital campuses to private medical research labs all face similar challenges in providing the services and therapies that lead to quality patient care and better outcomes.

Nursing, provider, and research talent is scarce, driving up hiring costs and straining limited staffing budgets. Health care provider turnover rates are double the national average due largely to employee burnout, making it difficult to maintain appropriate staff levels. And the multitude of licenses and certifications that come with the constant flow of advancements in techniques, technologies, and treatment options commands a robust training and continuing education program beyond the scale of what many organizations are able to effectively provide.

Why SyncHR for Healthcare?

SyncHR’s all-in-one HCM software solution simplifies Human Resources operations for healthcare and life sciences organizations by:

  • Streamlining recruiting and onboarding
  • Enhancing the depth and frequency of learning opportunities
  • Enabling real-time credential tracking
  • Automating payroll to improve accuracy and timeliness while accounting for shift or departmental differentials
  • Providing access to decision making data at all levels of leadership
  • Simplifying employee benefits administration

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Integrated HR Software for Healthcare are just what the doctor ordered

Complete employee lifecycle management

Complete employee lifecycle management

Identify and recruit qualified talent before your competitors with a streamlined experience for candidates, hiring managers, and administrators. Create, change, or vacate positions with a few clicks to accommodate the need for new skills, changing job qualifications, and fluctuating staffing needs. Easily initiate background checks and credentialing and accelerate new-hire onboarding with automated delivery and collection of new-hire forms, paperwork, and training enrollments.

Training and Development

Training and Development

Maximize individual and staff performance with automated performance evaluations throughout the year instead of once annually. Develop and refine critical skills using approachable and convenient online continuing education courses. And dramatically improve employee engagement and retention via 1:1 coaching sessions, personal wellbeing check-ins, and personalized career roadmaps that create a sense of purpose, opportunity, and accomplishment.

Enhanced compliance features

Enhanced compliance features

Improve healthcare-related compliance with regulations like HIPAA, state and federal credentialing, and a host of workplace safety standards by automating necessary forms and centralizing your policy management. Actively track licensure and completion of legally required compliance training for your entire work staff, and create a fully auditable digital paper trail without the hassle or expenses of hiring additional compliance staff. 

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What our customers are saying

The stage, all in all, is easy to use from both a head viewpoint and a representative self-administration point of view. I explicitly like the convenience for representative onboarding. We've gotten spontaneous input from new contracts about the fact that it was so natural to enter the majority of their data/advantage races. I can't review consistently getting spontaneous POSITIVE criticism on a HRIS stage in my profession, so this is a HR win! I additionally utilize the Org Chart nearly every day.”

Ashley J, HR Manager




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